4 Reasons You Might Need a Foreigner Loan

4 Reasons You Might Need a Foreigner Loan

For Rental Deposits

Moving to a new place can be quite expensive. The cost of moving your personal belongings, your plane tickets, and any extra expenses pile up quickly. And these costs don’t even include the rental deposit usually required when you get a new place.

Security deposits can sometimes be up to 6 months rent. Some landlords will even demand deposits for pets. Not many people have that type of cash saved to be able to pay 3-6 months rent in advance as a deposit. A foreigner loan for rental deposit can help you to cover this cost so that you can move into your new home.

For Cars

Although Colombia has very reliable public transport options in the bigger cities, you might need a car or moto where you are currently living. A foreigner loan for a car can help you buy the vehicle you need. Some loans will even accept the car as security for the loan.

For School

Visa holders who are in Colombia to study. Colombia has some of the most reasonable tuition fees in the world, however, a foreigner loan for school can help to cover your study related expenses while you are in Colombia

For Property

In Colombia it is very difficult for visa holders to obtain Mortgage loans.  We make that process easy for expats and foreigners looking to invest in property in Colombia, or to borrow money against an existing property owned in Colombia.

How to Get a Foreigner Loan in Colombia with ‘World Lending Group’

The good news is lenders like WLG provide loans to foreigners. You only need to comply with the eligibility criteria. WLG provides loans from 3 million up to 5 thousand million COP.

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